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Putting Catalyst’s leading-edge research into practice, Catalyst Europe’s team of diversity and inclusion experts collaborates with member organisations to co-create effective, executable solutions and practices to deliver sustainable culture change in workplaces throughout Europe.

Some of the many topic areas in which member organisations can benefit from the Catalyst Europe team’s expertise include: 

  • Inclusive Leadership and Culture

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Mentoring and Sponsorship

  • Engaging Men as Change Agents

How? Catalyst Europe’s experts are available to provide dynamic support and developmental opportunities through workshops, master classes, speaking and consulting engagements, insight sessions, and team/leadership meeting facilitation, among others, depending on your organisation’s needs and goals.

Getting Out of the Man Box and Into Inclusion: Recap of MARC Leaders Workshop in Berlin

What stops men from getting involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives? What’s in it for the men when they do get involved? How can men intervene with other men to interrupt bias and foster inclusion in the workplace? These questions are at the core of Catalyst’s work on Engaging Men and MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), Catalyst’s learning community for professionals committed to achieving equality in the workplace. In late June, we kicked off a six-month MARC Leaders program with an energizing and inspiring MARC workshop that got down to the nitty gritty of men being advocates and allies for change.

The MARC Leaders Workshop, held in Berlin at the premises of PAREXEL, brought together male leaders from different organizations for a compact 1.5-day session. In a lively, interactive forum, assumptions were challenged, awareness was raised and action plans were formed. Men discovered their blind spots, explored their personal stake in inclusion and resolved to be more visible and vocal proponents of an inclusive workplace.

Participants demonstrated impressive amounts of courage and commitment to the issues. They left the workshop:

  • Having a greater awareness of workplace inequalities and a sharper sense of their own blind spots/unconscious bias.

  • Better equipped to see gender dynamics across the company and realize how men and women experience the workplace differently.

  • Feeling both empowered and equipped to initiate and lead discussions and dialogues on gender diversity and ‘otherness’.

  • With new skills to collaborate and intervene with male colleagues to hold each other accountable and resolve gender workplace bias.

Male leaders want to play an active part in creating fairer and more inclusive workplaces and Catalyst is dedicated to ensuring that they are invited to do just that. For more information on the MARC program and future workshops, please contact Jeff Barth, Director, MARC.

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Catalyst Europe was founded in 2006 to provide Europe-specific, creative solutions promoting organizational inclusion and workplace innovation. From its thought-provoking events to discussions with individual members, Catalyst Europe brings fact-based, culturally relevant insight to every exchange.