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Visible Minority Status in Academia in Canada

  • In 2006, 14.9% of university teachers in Canada were of visible minority status.1








  • In 2008, women made up 55% of PhD holders.2
  • In 2008, women make up 15% of top professorships in Belgium.3


  • In 2005, the share of female professors in universities was 22%.4
    • This was the highest among non-post-communist EU countries.5
  • The number of female PhD graduates was 49% in 2003.6


  • In 2004, 14% of professors of universities were women.7
    • 26% of associate professors were women.8
    • 32% of assistant professors were women.9
    • 39% of lecturers were women.10




  • In the Netherlands, the percentage of women decreases at every level of the academic ladder, according to a 2008 study.11
  • While women are under-represented across academic staff positions, they are particularly under-represented in the highest age group, which usually includes a relatively high proportion of staff in the most senior academic posts.12


  • Women made up 45% of PhD holders in 2005.13
  • In the medical field, women made up just 17% of professors.14

United Kingdom



Latin America and South America



United States



  • Of women in academia in the U.S.,
    • 32.2% are in non-tenure track positions;15
    • 23.9% are in tenure-track positions;16
    • 44.0% are tenured.17
  • Of men in academia in the U.S.,
    • 19.0% are in non-tenure track positions;18
    • 19.0% are in tenure track positions;19
    • 62.0% are tenured.20



People of Color in Academia in the U.S.
  • Of degrees awarded to black students in 2008-2009, women earned 65.9% of Bachelor’s degrees, 71.8% of Master’s degrees and 66.5% of Doctoral degrees.21
  • Of degrees awarded to Hispanic students in 2008-2009, women earned 60.9% of Bachelor’s degrees, 64.0% of Master’s degrees and 57.0% of Doctoral degrees.22



  • Enrollment for minority students grew more than those of white students from 1999 to 2009.23

*National Estimate

**Exceptions to the reference year:--UK:2007/2006; DK (except for grade A): 2006; FR, CY, AT: 2006; EE: 2004; PT: 2003

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