Work-Life Effectiveness

Work-life effectiveness is a talent management strategy that fosters strong performance for both individuals and organizations over the long-term by promoting work environments that are capable of responding to changes in business needs quickly, creatively, and efficiently while providing employees the control they need to work smarter, address their non-work priorities, and be resilient and effective.

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Webinar Recording: Flexible Work Arrangements

This webinar will discuss the benefits of workplace flexibility, bust myths about flexible work, and arm leaders with the tools…


Five Tips for Future-Proofing Your Workplace

What are you doing to make sure your organization will be successful in the future?


How I Learned to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Sodexo's Melinda Gorgenyi details her rise to the top in the field of facilities management.


12 Diversity & Inclusion Terms You Need to Know

Share this glossary with your colleagues, teams, and leaders so that you’re all speaking the same inclusive language.  

Culture Change

More Women in Leadership: How, Why, and When

Why has it taken so long to diversify senior leadership?  Why is this an opportune moment to make change in…

Advancing Your Own Career

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Women Leaders

Check out these stand-out podcasts hosted by women, including women of color, and featuring inspiring women leaders as guests. Read…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Le futur du travail: le travail flexible

L’enjeu de la flexibilité des horaires dans les milieux de travail n’a jamais été aussi important. Nos organisations évoluent dans…

Unconscious Bias

IWD 2019: What “Balance for Better” Means to Me

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton reflects on the power of words to change the balance.

Work-Life Effectiveness

Webinar Recording: Career Breaks & Returnships—Key Strategies for Organizations

Listen to this webinar recording to hear best practices to start creating a more open and supportive workplace for all.…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Webinar: Flexible Work Arrangements

This webinar will discuss the benefits of workplace flexibility, bust myths about flexible work arrangements, and arm leaders with the…

Advancing Your Own Career

My Career Toolkit: Work-Life Effectiveness

Find resources for flexible work arrangements and health and family issues.

Engaging Men

Webinar Recording: This Is How You Dad: “Maternity” Leave for Men

This webinar destigmatizes what it means for a man to take leave and illuminate the real-world experiences of the aftereffects.…

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Deutsche Post DHL Group—Women in Management

Learn about Deutsche Post DHL Group's Catalyst Award-winning initiative.

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Bank of America – Investing in Women

Learn about Bank of America's global initiative Investing in Women.

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Schneider Electric—Attracting and Retaining Women in Schneider Electric India

Learn about Schneider Electric's Catalyst Award-winning initiative.

Work-Life Effectiveness

Webinar Recording: Adapting to the Future of Work

Listen to this webinar for an in-depth look at the changing and flexible workplace, drawing on leading Catalyst research, tools, and…

Work-Life Effectiveness

Turnover and Retention: Quick Take

What factors contribute to workplace turnover and retention among different demographic groups?

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Northrop Grumman Corporation—Building the Best Culture, Leveraging the Power of Women

Work-Life Effectiveness

Working Parents: Quick Take

How do family composition and paid leave for parents compare around the world?

Work-Life Effectiveness

How Workplace Flexibility Can Promote Inclusion And Prioritize Talent

On paper, workplace flexibility sounds great. It’s known to increase retention, boost career aspirations and productivity, and decrease absenteeism—all benefits…