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Webinar Recording: Prioritizing Workplace Mental Health During and After the Crisis

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has created a new and often-stressful reality for employees, as they struggle…

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Topic Overview: Paid Parental Leave on the Rise

Parental leave supports all parents who share care-giving duties and want to take an active role in their childcare responsibilities. It also supports women who want to return to the workplace after the birth of a child, increasing their chances for a promotion, raise, or bonus. Companies may attract more talent and see a decrease in attrition when they introduce parental leave benefits.


Report: Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership

A new study by Catalyst uncovers the role managers play in creating inclusive workplaces and highlights the elements of inclusive leadership.


Lead Outward and Lead Inward to Build an Inclusive Workplace (Infographic)

There are six core behaviors of inclusive leaders that drive results and create psychological safety for employees.

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Webinar Recording: Being Intentional About Inclusion in Flexible and Remote Work

Flexible and remote work allows organizations to be agile, responsive, and innovative in times of disruption now and into the future.…

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Break the Cycle—Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders: Learn more about setting the right tone with your behavior by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Uncharted situations call for unprecedented collaboration. By consciously working to create an inclusive culture, one in which people feel supported, comfortable speaking up, and brainstorming together, your organization will be more able to adapt and innovate.
Lorraine Hariton
President & CEO