Inclusive leaders make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, which in turn leads to more innovation, more team citizenship behavior, and more feelings of both belongingness and uniqueness in employees. Learn what behaviors generate inclusion with our cutting-edge reports and tools.



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Leading with Equity and Inclusion (Webinar Recording)

Hear stories of exclusion and how it can encourage individuals to become true change makers.


Apply for the Catalyst Award

Apply for the Catalyst Award for your organization's diversity and inclusion initiative.

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Women CEOs of the S&P 500 (List)

Only 5.8% of S&P 500 CEOs are women. See which companies put women at the top of their C-suites.

Catalyst Honours

Six Exemplary Canadian Business Leaders Named Catalyst Honours Champions (Media Release)

Six Canadian business leaders named Catalyst Honours Champions, role models for inclusive leadership, will be recognized in October.

Catalyst Honours 2021 sponsors

A huge thank you to these organizations for their support and for bringing us one step closer to an equitable…


Inclusive Self-Identification (Topic Overview)

Understanding the diverse and intersecting identities of employees in your organization can help create a more inclusive workplace culture.


Dow CEO: Coming Out Made Me a More Inclusive Leader (Blog Post)

No one should be afraid to bring their whole self to work, says Dow Chairman & CEO Jim Fitterling.


Sensibilidad Cultural en Lugares de Trabajo Globales: Cambio de libreto (Infografia)

Muchos de nosotros trabajamos con colegas de diferentes orígenes nacionales, étnicos, raciales y religiosos, especialmente a medida que las compañías…


Kulturelle Sensibilität an Globalen Arbeitsplätzen: Drehen sie das skript um (Infografik)

Viele von uns arbeiten mit Kollegen unterschiedlicher nationaler, ethnischer, rassischer und religiöser Herkunft zusammen – insbesondere, weil Unternehmen und Teams…


Sensibilité culturelle dans les milieux de travail mondiaux : Inversez le scénario (Infographie)

Beaucoup d’entre nous travaillent avec des collègues de différentes origines nationales, ethniques, raciales et religieuses, surtout à mesure que les…

Supporter Only

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace (Topic Overview)

Avoid excessive stress and burnout in your employees by learning how you can prioritize mental health at your organization.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

After George Floyd: Addressing Racism at Work (Blog Post)

Like many organizations, Catalyst redoubled its commitment to antiracism. This is the story of our Expanding Dialogues initiative.


CatalystX Discussion Facilitation Guide – Advancing Equity and Inclusion Through Gender Partnership (Tool)

This Supporter-only post-course discussion facilitation guide is for organizations to drive home learnings from the CatalystX course, Advancing Equity and…


5 Must-Read Books on Workplace DEI (Blog Post)

Catalyst's Kim Doyle recommends books on diversity, equity, and inclusion for people in various stages of their DEI journey.


Intersectionality: Ask Catalyst Express

These resources help you learn the meaning of "intersectionality" and how to address inequities from an intersectional framework.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

14 Racial Equity Terms You Should Know (Blog Post)

Learn the vocabulary you'll need for conversations about antiracism in the workplace.


Cultural Sensitivity in Global Workplaces: Flip the Script (Infographic)

These scripts help you start to get to know colleagues better without unintentionally devaluing their heritage and history.


10 Key Takeaways From the 2021 Catalyst Awards (Blog Post)

The 2021 Catalyst Awards, our largest event ever, affirmed that progress won’t pause, because equity can’t wait.


Empathy in the Workplace: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Practice building your empathy skills to form stronger bonds with team members and foster an inclusive workplace for everyone.


Chobani Founder & CEO on Putting Humanity First (Blog Post)

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder/CEO, Chobani, shares how diversity and inclusion have been the key to his company’s success.