Inclusive leaders make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, which in turn leads to more innovation, more team citizenship behavior, and more feelings of both belongingness and uniqueness in employees. Learn what behaviors generate inclusion with our cutting-edge reports and tools.



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Catalyst Award Winner

Catalyst Award Winners

View the organizations with Catalyst Award-winning initiatives since the Catalyst Award began back in 1987.

Global CEOs Who Pledged to Advance Women Are Making Progress (Media Release)

NEW YORK (December 10, 2019)–The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, who took a pledge to advance more women, including women…

Champions For Change

New Report on Catalyst CEO Champions for Change Released (Report)

Champion companies had a higher percentage of women in leadership positions at every level compared to their global peers.


Why I’m Still Learning to Be an Inclusive Leader (Blog Post)

Catalyst CEO Lorraine Hariton on what she learned about becoming an inclusive leader from Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson.


Managing Affinity Bias: Knowledge Burst

Managers must learn to recognize the very human tendency to want to be around people who are just like them.


Lead Outward and Lead Inward to Build an Inclusive Workplace (Infographic)

There are six core behaviors of inclusive leaders that drive results and create psychological safety for employees.

Optimize Your Workforce Data Using Catalyst’s Vital Signs – Asia Pacific (Webinar Recording)

This webinar will teach you how to use Vital Signs to tell the story of historical trends and track patterns.

Future of Work

Highlights From the 2019 Catalyst Canada Honours – In Photos (Blog Post)

See what you missed from the 2019 Catalyst Canada Honours Conference and Dinner in Toronto with these great event images.

Gendered Ageism (Trend Brief)

Older workers face stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace. Consequences of ageism affect women earlier than men and in…

Recruitment and Retention

Why Dell Is Making Neurodiverse Hiring A Priority (Blog Post)

Dell's new Autism Hiring Program is enabling the company to fill critical roles—and bringing neurodiversity to the workplace.

Manager Development

Leading for Equity and Inclusion Workshops

This blended-learning curriculum empowers leaders with the skills they need to build more inclusive workplaces.


Inclusive Recruiting (Webinar Recording)

Hear tips on how your organization can tap the talents of women and others to gain diverse opinions and ideas.

Top Resources

Diversity Councils (Topic Overview)

Learn how diversity councils help operationalize D&I efforts in an organization, from recruitment to product and talent development.


Disabilities: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Rather than focus on a person's abilities, focus on creating connections and engaging with that person.


Les Personnes Handicapées en Milieu de Travail (Infographique)

Organizational Culture Change

This Ancient Practice Helps Resolve Workplace Conflicts (Blog Post)

NYC Fire Department's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer explains how an ancient practice can dispel conflicts and build community.


Diversity Fatigue in the Workplace: How to Get Unstuck (Blog Post)

A lack of corporate goals, resources, or a compelling strategy may be making your employees cynical about diversity initiatives.

Work-Life Effectiveness

Flexible Work Arrangements (Webinar Recording)

Experts discuss the benefits of workplace flexibility, bust myths about it, and arm leaders with tools to establish it.

Une nouvelle étude de Catalyst révèle l’existence d’une « charge émotionnelle » vécue par les personnes de couleur dans les entreprises canadiennes (Communiqué de presse)

Cette étude constate que les Canadiens noirs, est-asiatiques et sud-asiatiques sont « sur leurs gardes » et ont la ferme…

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

How and Why to Create an Empowering Workplace (Infographic)

Feelings of empowerment are key to creating a psychologically safe work environment where all employees can thrive.