Inclusive leaders make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, which in turn leads to more innovation, more team citizenship behavior, and more feelings of both belongingness and uniqueness in employees. Learn what behaviors generate inclusion with our cutting-edge reports and tools.



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Women in Government: Quick Take

A snapshot of the leadership roles women play in democratically elected governments around the world.


Fewer Than Half of Employees in Europe Feel Trusted at Work

Team cohesion to promote trust should be focus for leaders and organizations.

Future of Work

Scenario Planning for the Future of Work

Scenario planning is a helpful futurist methodology for leaders and organizations, especially during times of uncertainty.

Champions For Change

Towards a More Equitable Future

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies renewed their commitment to advancing women, particularly women of color, in the workplace in…

Champions For Change

CEOs Who Pledged to Advance Women Outpace Global Peers in Elevating Women in Leadership Roles

New York, New York (December 8, 2020) – Once again, Catalyst CEO Champions For Change are advancing women across the…

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List: Women CEOs of the S&P 500

Only 6% of S&P 500 CEOs are women. See which companies put women at the top of their C-suites. Read…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Intersectionality: When Identities Converge

An intersectional framework can be foundational to a more inclusive working environment. Learn what intersectionality is and is not. Read…

Webinar Recording: How to Benefit from The Influence of Diverse Perspectives on Workplace Culture

Panelists had a frank discussion on the ways Catalyst’s research plays out in society, and how an organization can harness…


How Ombuds Programs Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Topic Overview

An ombuds program offers a way for both leaders and employees to help build a more inclusive workplace.

Virtual Panel Recording: Now is the Moment: Women’s Advancement in the Arts, Business, and Beyond

Catalyst and the New York Philharmonic present a timely discussion exploring the experiences of women across sectors and industries. The panel…

Remote Work

Is Remote Work Overrated?

As the pandemic drags on, some question the future of remote work. They’re missing the big picture.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Connecting Across Differences

Learn how to maximize innovation and collaboration on your team by mastering the skills necessary to connect across difference. Read…

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Stories of Latinas in the Workplace

Throughout corporate America, Latinas have been emerging as prominent leaders, with an increasing number in large public companies with significant…

Webinar Recording: Canada’s Women’s History Month: Celebrating Intersectionality

Inclusive Leadership: Ask Catalyst Express

Years of documented research demonstrate that inclusive leadership plays an important role in making employees feel valuable and included, which…

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Women in the Workforce – India: Quick Take

An overview of working women in India, including stats on demographics, education, and diversity.


Lead With Inclusion Through Crisis

Learn how Catalyst Supporter organizations are leading with inclusion and reimagining the future of work as the result of the…

Webinar Recording: Workplace Wellness and Inclusion Through Empathy


LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Ask Catalyst Express

Recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQ+ employees in your organization with this collection of data and resources.

Business Case

Women in the Workforce – United States: Quick Take

Data overview of American women at all levels of the workforce, updated to reflect changes during Covid-19 pandemic.