“Transgender” refers to people whose gender identity, expression, or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. As a group within the LGBTQ+ community, transgender people face unique barriers. Learn how your workplace can become more inclusive workplaces for transgender employees, using these Catalyst resources.



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Flip the Script

Flip the Script: Transgender in the Workplace

This infographic guides people on words and actions that can create a culture inclusive of transgender employees.

Webinar: Active Allyship: Strengthening LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Your Company

How can companies move beyond inclusive-language practices and take more meaningful action to retain and attract LGBTQ+ employees?


LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Ask Catalyst Express

Recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQ+ employees in your organization with this collection of data and resources.


TD: Forever Proud. Forever Progressing.

Learn how TD built a comprehensive suite of programs, benefits, systems, and accountability mechanisms supporting their LGBTQ+ employees and customers.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion at TD – Forever Proud. Forever Progressing.

In June 2023 Catalyst will publish an updated Practice on TD’s progress: Forever Proud. Forever Progressing. Please join us as we celebrate the publication of a new TD Practice 11+ years later.

Gender Bias

Creating New Norms for Gender Expression & Identity (Webinar Recording)

Learn tactical steps on how to celebrate the lived and expressed genders of your teams from our speakers.


LGBTQ+ in the Workplace: Belonging and Psychological Safety (Webinar Recording)

Belongingness is a key element to ensuring someone’s psychological safety at work.


Transgender Inclusion at Work (Webinar Recording)

Listen to this webinar to hear policies and practices developed to create inclusive workplaces for everyone—no matter what their gender identity or expression.


Toronto Dominion Bank Group – Creating Leaders and Unlocking Human Potential: LGBTA Inclusion at TD (Practices)

TD Bank has long focused on diversity and inclusion efforts. The company's Diversity Office and Diversity Leadership Council are composed…


KPMG LLP Canada – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-Identified (LGBT) Inclusion at KPMG LLP Canada: pride@kpmg (Practices)

pride@kpmg supports the needs of LGBT-identified employees by acting as an informational resource, functioning as a formal network, and providing informal mentoring opportunities.


The Chubb Corporation – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Inclusion at Chubb (Practices)

Chubb’s LGBT-inclusion initiative, along with its other diversity initiatives, was created to build a truly inclusive workplace environment where every employee feels welcome and comfortable.


Scotiabank – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Inclusion at Scotiabank: Scotia Pride (Practices)

Scotia Pride encourages employees from branches across the country to become involved in Scotiabank’s broader community outreach, which enhances brand recognition as an employer and bank of choice where diversity is celebrated.


Ernst & Young LLP – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Inclusion at Ernst & Young: bEYond (Practices)

Engaging allies is a vital piece of the E&Y LGBTA initiative.


Wachovia Corporation – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Inclusion at Wachovia Corporation (Practices)

In order to further engage the LGBT community, Wachovia developed GALEA, a network that includes both LGBT-identified employees and straight allies.