Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression—not to be confused with sexual activity or behavior—are personal characteristics that everyone has. Including LGBTQ+ employees is a vital component of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy. Successfully recruiting, retaining, developing, and advancing LGBTQ+ employees helps organizations compete effectively for talent, minimize attrition costs, and better access LGBTQ+ consumer markets.



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Women CEOs

Women CEOs in Underrepresented Groups (List)

Women, women of color, women born outside of the United States, and LGBT women are underrepresented in the Fortune 500.

Forging the Path to True Workplace Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Employees

Data shows that most Fortune 500 global companies offer benefits to their LGBTQ+ employees, but are these benefits enough?


LGBTQ+ in the Workplace: Belonging and Psychological Safety (Webinar Recording)

Belongingness is a key element to ensuring someone’s psychological safety at work.

Organizational Culture Change

Inclusive Self-Identification (Topic Overview)

Understanding the diverse and intersecting identities of employees in your organization can help create a more inclusive workplace culture.


Dow CEO: Coming Out Made Me a More Inclusive Leader (Blog Post)

No one should be afraid to bring their whole self to work, says Dow Chairman & CEO Jim Fitterling.


Intersectionality: Ask Catalyst Express

These resources help you learn the meaning of "intersectionality" and how to address inequities from an intersectional framework.

Catalyst Award Winner

Barilla: An Italian Family-Owned Company’s Journey to Global Inclusion (Practices)

Barilla took a PR crisis and used their learnings to create a comprehensive, global diversity and inclusion initiative.

Organizational Culture Change

How Ombuds Programs Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion (Topic Overview)

An ombuds program offers a way for both leaders and employees to help build a more inclusive workplace.


LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Ask Catalyst Express

Recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQ+ employees in your organization with this collection of data and resources.


Transgender Inclusion: Ask Catalyst Express

Data and resources for companies creating more inclusive workplaces for their transgendered workers.


Webinar: LGBTQ+ in the Workplace: Belonging and Psychological Safety

Join us to learn how inclusive leaders can create environments where all employees can thrive.


I Am An Ally (Infographic)

Get ideas for how to be an outspoken ally for LGBTQI+ members of your workplace and community.

Réflexion des acteurs de la communauté LGBTQ+ (Enregistrement du webinaire)

DEI 101

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Workplace Issues (Quick Take)

Find the statistics you need regarding LGBT populations around the world and their work environments.

Réflexion des acteurs de la communauté LGBTQ+

Alors que l’arc-en-ciel, symbole de la fierté, est devenu signe d’espoir à l’échelle mondiale contre la pandémie de la COVID-19,…


Virtual Panel: LGBTQ+ Women and the Impact of COVID-19

Join a discussion on the experiences of LGBTQ+ women while identifying the challenges faced as well as best practices.

Virtual ProPride: Queer & Trans Women Leading the Way

Queer and trans women drive are driving change in workplaces throughout Canada. This virtual panel discussion, hosted by Pride at…

Business Case

Buying Power (Quick Take)

Select populations have enormous influence as consumers, which may not correspond with the size of their populations.


L’orientation sexuelle en milieu de travail : Inversez le scénario (Infographique)

Arrêtez d'utiliser ces phrases. Concentrez-vous plutôt sur les performances et les résultats.


5 Ways to Create a Gender-Inclusive Workplace (Infographic)

Becoming an ally and an advocate for gender inclusion is simpler than you might think. Follow these steps.