Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo movement has exposed the every day sexual harassment that occurs in many workplaces. The sheer volume of stories suggests that both employers and employees have much to learn about how to create a more inclusive culture that opposes and prevents this behavior. Learn more about how you can take action with our tools.

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Sexual Harassment

Webinar Recording: Active Bystander, Active Self – Taking Effective Action

Listen to this webinar recording to learn how to offer an effective case-based active bystander workshop at your organization. Read…

Manager Development

Knowledge Bursts

Use these interactive micro-tools to quickly upskill employees on inclusive behaviors.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Now is the time to dedicate resources to help create a fairer, safer, and more respectful environment for all. Read…

Sexual Harassment

Webinar: When Do People Intervene?

Join this webinar to hear about the “bystander effect,”  see the conditions whereby people intervene and learn what it looks…

Sexual Harassment

Webinar: Active Bystander, Active Self—Taking Effective Action

Join this webinar to learn how to offer active by-stander learning in your organization by structuring an effective case-based workshop.…

Top Resources

Quick Take: Women in Male-Dominated Industries and Occupations

Women working in male-dominated industries face a variety of challenges including pervasive stereotypes and sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment

Quick Take: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Although prohibited in many countries, sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace still occur.

Sexual Harassment

Report: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How Companies Can Prepare, Prevent, Respond, and Transform Their Culture

Take steps now to prevent sexual harassment with these actions taken from vetted research.

Sexual Harassment

Infographic: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace—What Employees Need to Know

Explore how you can take action to stop sexual harassment in your workplace and community.

Sexual Harassment

Infographic: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace—What Employers Need to Know

Learn how you can dedicate resources to help create a fairer, safer, and more respectful environment for all.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment And Women Of Color

We are living through a moment in this culture. Women have been victimized by men since time immemorial, yet there…

Sexual Harassment

Webinar Recording: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Listen to this webinar recording to hear how you can help create an inclusive workplace free of sexual harassment.

Talent Management Practices

Infographic: 10 Actions to Build Workplaces That Work for Women

Change happens every day, in every meeting, in every organization. Find out how you can lead it.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment: Enough Is Enough

I recently gave a speech where I called for organizations to adopt a “zero tolerance policy” for practices and behaviors…

Sexual Harassment

Ask Deborah: How Can I Stand Up To Violence Against Women?

I am proud to use July’s column to call attention to the groundbreaking #WhoWillYouHelp campaign initiated by Ontario Premier Kathleen…

Sexual Harassment

Tool 2: Making Change in India Inc.—Creating Work Environments Free From Sexual Harassment

Use this tool to delve into their own understanding of sexual harassment and personal safety as a barrier to gender…