Allyship and Advocacy

Making change at work requires allyship (actively supporting people from marginalized groups) and advocacy (proactively taking action and building relationships within and across groups to drive positive, structural change on a systemic issue). Explore our tools to learn how you can use your power, privilege, skills and/or resources as an ally and advocate.



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Webinar Recording: Driving the Catalyst Effect: Women Leaders Cultivating Workplace Equity

In celebration of the 2024 International Women’s Day, watch an inspiring webinar highlighting women who are trailblazers in driving positive transformation in their workplaces and beyond.


Sexual Orientation in the Workplace: Flip the Script (Infographic)

Stop using these common words and focus on performance and outcomes instead.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Mentorship and Sponsorship Are Keys to Unlocking the Next Generation of Talent

Catalyst Honours speakers share how companies can achieve true equity and inclusion through mentorship and sponsorship programs.

On Pay Equity, Transparency, and Advancing Women Into Leadership, Catalyst CEO Champions For Change Companies Outperform Global Peers

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies represent more than 11 million employees and over $3 trillion in revenue globally, and continue to outpace their global peers in pay equity measurement and action and advancing women into senior leadership.


Move Beyond Performative Allyship for Your 2SLGBTQ+ Employees (Blog Post)

In a 2023 Catalyst Honours session, panelists discussed how to drive real change for their 2SLGBTQ+ employees.

Champions For Change

2024 C4C Toolkit

Access the 2024 Champions For Change Toolkit and celebrate the honor of being amongst over 80+ leaders and corporations who've made a pledge to collect, track, and share corporate data around pay equity, employee retention and gender representation at all levels.

Webinar: Neurodiversity at Work: Recognizing and Welcoming This Aspect of Identity for Women and Everyone

As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) measures and programs become standard practice in the workplace, there is an employee population that continues to fall through the cracks: neurodivergent people.

Webinar: Leadership Accountability & Gender Partnership: Engaging Men to Increase Inclusion

Join us to gain valuable insights from Southwire’s journey with Catalyst’s Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program and the evolution of their internal approach to DEI accountability and action.

Webinar: Looking Through a Latine Lens at Equity and Inclusion Initiatives for Women

Join us to learn the importance of attracting and advancing Latine women at your organization.

Webinar: Active Allyship: Strengthening LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Your Company

How can companies move beyond inclusive-language practices and take more meaningful action to retain and attract LGBTQ+ employees?

Webinar: Intersectionality and Pay Equity for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders

This webinar will address the pay disparities often experienced in the AAPI community, including how race, ethnicity, age, and other aspects of identity impact wage gaps.

Webinar: Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform

During this webinar, Catalyst will unveil its cutting-edge research, produced with Accenture, and actionable companion toolkits for frontline executives and managers that will help solve the challenges many organizations face for women in frontline roles.

Black History Month Webinar: Black Women and the Glass Cliff

Join this webinar to explore the experiences of Black women in leadership roles with the "glass cliff" - the idea that even when women do reach the top levels of the corporate ladder, they do so during periods when the company experiences poor performance or turmoil and thus their positions are inherently risky and precarious.

Webinar: Still Making the Case for DEI? Drop the Spreadsheet

Join us for this webinar as we examine the diversity rationale and how through inclusion, it can strengthen any workplace culture.

Allyship and Advocacy

How to Be an Ally at Work to Survivors of Domestic Violence (Blog Post)

Catalyst's SJ Coronado shares how you can be an ally at work and everywhere to survivors of domestic violence.

Le rôle des personnes alliées comme catalyseurs de changement

En quoi le rôle des personnes alliées, les défis rencontrés par les différents groupes ainsi les meilleures pratiques participent à la création d’une milieu de travail plus inclusif en 2023?

Allyship and Advocacy

From Ally to Advocate: Knowledge Burst

Learn how to be an ally to an individual and an advocate to a group to the benefit of all.

Inclusive Leadership

How to Support Employees in Times of Crisis

What’s happening in the world affects how we show up in the workplace. Catalyst has resources to help.

International Women’s Day 2023 Discussion Guide (Tool)

Receive guidance on hosting conversations in your workplace for International Women's Day 2023 by downloading Catalyst's Supporter-exclusive discussion guide.

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2023 Toolkit (Tool)

Learn how your company can participate in Women's History Month and International Women's Day 2023 by downloading Catalyst's Supporter-exclusive toolkit.