Sponsorship and Mentoring

Sponsors are advocates in positions of authority who use their influence intentionally to help others advance, while mentors provide advice, feedback, and coaching. Both are important to advancement as employees navigate the workplace and earn opportunities for growth.



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Webinar Recording: The Balance of Sponsorship

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Sponsorship and Mentoring: Ask Catalyst Express

Understand the difference between role models, coaches, mentors, and sponsors with data and resources on mentorship and sponsoring women in…

Catalyst Award Winner

Unilever: Changing the Game, Unlocking the Future (Case Study)

Unilever combines balanced talent management practices, flexibility options, and coaching to create a company-wide inclusive culture.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

New York Philharmonic’s Deborah Borda on Building Diverse Teams

"If we have more women in leadership roles, we’ll have a broader talent pool and better music," says Deborah Borda…

Top Resources

Women in Male-Dominated Industries and Occupations: Quick Take

Women working in male-dominated industries face a variety of challenges including pervasive stereotypes and sexual harassment.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Career Advancement: The Importance of Sponsorship

In this webinar, Lorraine Hariton and Deborah Borda discuss their respective careers and share strategies for securing sponsors.

Future of Work

Inside the 2019 Catalyst Awards: Highlights From the Day

What does the [email protected] look like for women? That’s what over 800 business leaders came to discuss at the 2019 Catalyst Awards…


Accelerating Inclusion in Western Canada Every Day

Learn what Catalyst is doing to help organizations accelerate inclusion in Western Canada.


Catalyst Honours

The Catalyst Honours annually recognizes exceptional role models for accelerating progress for all women through workplace inclusion.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Webinar Recording: Fostering Sponsorship at Your Organization

This webinar highlighted what organizations can do to build sponsorships and tips to identify, develop, and sustain sponsorship programs globally.…

Sponsorship and Mentoring

My Summer As A Catalysta

2018 Catalyst Consulting Services intern, Erica, reflects on her summer as a "Catalysta."

Culture Change

10 Amazing Pieces Of Advice To Elevate Women In The Workplace

We’ve compiled a few quotes and some really cool gifs to inspire you and your organization to create a path…


Webinar Recording: International Women’s Day 2018

This webinar was designed to capture the power of International Women's Day to help intentional leaders leverage their desire to…

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: Nationwide—Our Associates’ Success Drives Business Success

Catalyst Award Winner

Case Study: IBM—Leading the Cognitive Era Powered by the Global Advancement of Women

Sponsorship and Mentoring

We Can All Be Everyday Heroes

The word “superhero” conjures up images of capes, masks, lots of Lycra, and extraordinary powers. And based on decades of…

Board Diversity

Infographic: 8 Actions to Diversify Your Board

Diversifying your board of directors isn't as difficult as you might think.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

The Queen Bee And The King Wasp: What’s All The Buzz?

I continue to wonder about this Queen Bee persona. Why are women oftentimes characterized as the villain? Is it because,…

Board Diversity

Infographic: Catalyst Women On Board™

The results are in! The Catalyst Women On Board program gets participants appointed to boards.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Webinar Recording: International Women’s Day 2017: The Power of Sponsorship

Listen to this webinar recording to hear from a current sponsor and protégé, and to see how sponsorship can provide…