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Join us as we explore fresh ideas and game-changing approaches to global gender equity and DEI trending topics from AI and return to office.  


In the third episode of Breaking with Tradition, hosts Lucy and Victoria sit down with Remington Bennett, Content Writer and Producer at The Female Quotient to talk about how the multi-generational workplace will shift future workplace cultures and priorities.




Who’s shaking up the workplace today, and how? Join Catalyst’s Lucy Kallin (UK), Victoria Kuketz (Canada), and Erin Souza-Rezendes (US) as they talk with innovative workplace changemakers, DEI leaders, and industry experts to explore groundbreaking solutions to modern workplace equity challenges.

Named after the book by Catalyst founder Felice Schwartz, Breaking with Tradition explores fresh ideas and game-changing approaches to global DEI trending topics such as equity in AI and return to office.

Catalyst has over 60 years of experience driving change for women+, and these dynamic discussions provide an insider’s look at how today’s leaders are breaking traditions to create thriving workplaces for everyone, from the front line to the C-suite.

Meet the Hosts

Lucy Kallin, Executive Director, EMEA, Catalyst
Pictured far left.
Erin Souza-Rezendes, Vice President, Global Communications, Catalyst
Pictured middle.
Victoria Kuketz, Director, Supporter Success Canada, Catalyst

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