Nominate a Champion

Catalyst Honours annually recognizes Champions who value and accelerate workplace inclusion for women across their intersecting identities. Champions are exceptional role models: they inspire other corporate leaders by intentionally and strategically creating inclusive workplaces where individuals—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability—can thrive.

Catalyst Honours recognizes individuals across these four categories:

Company/Firm Leader is a CEO, president (in Canadian incorporated companies or subsidiaries in which there is no CEO), or managing partner. To be eligible, nominees must have a minimum of two women on their executive team, at least one of whom is living across a marginalized identity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and/or ability.

Business Leader is an individual who plans, directs, and formulates policies; sets strategies; and provides the overall direction of a business unit, division, practice, or team.

Human Resources (HR)/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leader is an individual who is within the HR or DEI function at their organization. They could be at any level within their organization and have a direct mandate to focus on HR/DEI initiatives impacting employees across the organization or business unit.

Next Generation Leader is an individual who is on the path to becoming a leader at their organization. This category can include those leading and engaged with ERGs.


“Nominations for Catalyst Honours 2024 are now closed.


Catalyst Honours Champions must:

  1. Be employed by a for-profit entity, including: a company, subsidiary, limited liability partnership, commercial crown corporation, or commercial co-operative in Canada.
  2. Have a role that fits within one of the four Champion categories at the time of nomination and the time of the public announcement of Champions in June.
  3. Have been in their current role, or a similar role, for a minimum of three years.
  4. Not be employed by an organization that is a finalist for the Catalyst Award in the same calendar year.
  5. Not be a previous Catalyst employee.
  6. Agree to the following if selected as a Champion:
  • Allow their name to be announced publicly.
  • Review a written profile prepared by Catalyst and participate in a video created to highlight their work.
  • Be available to attend and participate in the Catalyst Honours event in fall 2024.

Criteria for Selection

The nominee has:

  1. Positively impacted the development and inclusion of women, with measurable results.
  2. Innovated and challenged the status quo of workplace inclusion.
  3. Influenced others to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at their organization.
  4. Demonstrated inclusive leadership behaviours, accountability, ownership, allyship, curiosity, humility, and courage, as defined by Catalyst research.


Nomination Questions

Please answer the following questions to complete the nomination. Submit your answers into this form. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]

1. Tell us about the nominee. What inspires them to do the work they do?
2. Driving change. Describe the programs, initiatives, or efforts that the nominee has driven or participated in to create a workplace that is inclusive to women in all their intersecting identities.

Focus on three impactful programs or initiatives. When answering this question, please share:

  • Details on the program elements and to what extent the individual was involved. For example, if they were involved in the creation of a sponsorship program, discuss their involvement in the ideation and development of the program, the execution of the efforts, and whether they were an executive sponsor that provided guidance and space.
  • How their efforts through these programs or initiatives resulted in impactful changes within the organization (large or small) and how the positive outcomes impacted women and marginalized individuals. Please include qualitative and quantitative data where applicable. This could include participation metrics, quotes from participants, employee engagement surveys, etc.
  • How the nominee’s efforts have been engrained in the organization to ensure that progress continues past their tenure.

3. Influencing others. Share how the nominee has been able to influence other leaders and individuals to be champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This could include peers, senior leaders, industry leaders, and more.
4. Inclusive Leadership. How has the nominee taken efforts to ensure they have a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team?

  • If the nominee manages a team or project, please outline actions they have taken to ensure they have a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team. Include the representation data of the team and, if possible, three years of data showing the rate of change as well as the raw numbers.
  • If the nominee is not a people manager, please include an example of how they have modeled inclusive behaviour within their sphere of influence.

5. Provide any additional information you were not able to include above.
6. Provide two reference letters from individuals who are familiar with the nominee’s work. This can include direct reports, managers, and peers, as well as individuals outside the organization.
7. Please attach any other supporting information you would like to include.



  • Completed nomination forms must be submitted through this online form by February 16, 2024. Please ensure each question is answered.
  • Two reference letters must be provided and submitted through the online form. There is the option to attach a PDF to share any supplemental information.
  • Follow-up questions with the nominator or primary contact may be required to clarify aspects of the nomination.
  • Meetings and/or email correspondence with the nominee (after their selection as a Champion) will take place to build their public profile and discuss event details and participation.
  • The selected Champions will be featured in sessions and given an award at the Catalyst Honours Conference & Dinner, taking place in fall 2024.

All nominators will be contacted and informed if their nominee was selected prior to the public announcement in June 2024.

Key Dates

  • Nomination submission deadline: February 16, 2024
  • Champions announced: June 2024
  • 2024 Catalyst Honours Conference & Dinner: October 7