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10 Things You Should Know About Catalyst

Over the years, the modern workplace has undergone significant challenges and changes, prompting organizations to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to stay ahead. Catalyst is a global nonprofit committed to advancing women and DEI through advocacy, research, and education. Armed with over 60 years of experience, we are supported by top CEOs and hundreds of leading companies—and together we help build workplaces that work for women.

Read on for ten things you should know about us, our impact on the workplace, and why supporting Catalyst is more important than ever.

  1. Focuses on “more than gender.” Although our history is rooted in advancing women, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our research, solutions, and learning products approach DEI with an intersectional and global lens to help make workplaces more equitable. Recent topics include antiracism, the future of work, inclusive leadership, and much more.
  2. Honors organizational DEI initiatives that have resulted in the advancement of women, particularly those from marginalized groups with the Catalyst Award. The rigorous, yearlong process culminates at the prestigious Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner where we celebrate with our community. Since 1987, we have awarded 108 winning initiatives across 96 organizations around the world.
  3. Is at the forefront of DEI research. We’ve published over 200 groundbreaking original research reports on employees’ workplace experiences and our research includes data from 14 countries spanning five continents. We use fact-based, scientific methods to explore the barriers women and employees from marginalized groups face and the solutions that leaders and organizations can implement. We’re leading conversations about emotional tax, gender partnership, inclusive leadership, flexible working, and more.
  4. Provides solutions for women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups to thrive in the workplace. Our research in this area spans over 25 years and includes the trailblazing series of studies on emotional tax people from marginalized racial and ethnic groups pay when they are on guard to bias against their race, ethnicity, and gender. Recent work on antiracism was featured in Fortune, Forbes, MSNBC, and Harvard Business Review.
  5. A leader in groundbreaking research about engaging men in DEI work. The MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) initiative is uniquely effective in inspiring men to leverage their opportunity and responsibility to be advocates for equity. MARC’s experiential learning is based on original research we have been conducting since 2009.
  6. Is meeting the moment and broadening our focus to include women in frontline roles. In 2023, we’ve launched our Frontline Employees Initiative—expanding our reach to include a larger spectrum of companies and employees to include women throughout the workforce—from the frontline to the C-suite—so all women thrive.
  7. Has resources for all employees at your organization—including members of the C-suite, DEI practitioners, HR business partners, people managers, ERG Leaders, L&D professionals, communications teams, DEI Councils, and individual contributors. Engaging every member of an organization in DEI work promotes a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and shared responsibility for creating change. As a Supporter, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with and learn from others in our community.
  8. An international organization with global solutions. From our cutting-edge research to our signature events to our passionate teams in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and through our regional partners, Latin America and Asia Pacific, we offer our Supporters local and worldwide DEI perspectives across 42 industries so they can make a real impact in their culture, country, and community.
  9. Understands DEI challenges and solutions. Catalyst workshops and speaking engagements across many important DEI topics are available to help Supporters (including Fortune 500 companies) create more inclusive work environments, and include action planning so organizations and/or individuals can identify opportunities for change.
  10.   Helps address DEI challenges with unparalleled expertise and thought leadership. Every Supporter works with a Relationship Manager, a resource for all things Catalyst. As your thought partner, they guide organizations through the DEI journey while sharing a wealth of multi-regional and global DEI expertise.

At Catalyst, we believe that a more inclusive workplace benefits everyone. As we continue to advance DEI, we look forward to working with Supporter organizations globally to create lasting change.

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