Women have made steady gains in STEM professions, but they still face significant challenges to advancing their careers, including persistent gender stereotypes, lack of role models, and unconscious biases. Catalyst research has found that women in STEM professions face gender gaps in their positions and salaries as soon as they graduate from college and have a higher turnover rate due to workplace norms and behaviors that favor men. In fact, women are more likely to opt out of tech industries altogether, taking their talents elsewhere.

Our discussion will focus on the myth that there are simply not enough women pursuing STEM professions to improve the pipeline of future women STEM leaders.

  • Women working in tech-intensive industries often feel like outsiders and face significant barriers to advancement, including the absence of female role models and vague evaluation criteria. What can your company do to address these issues?

  • What does it cost your organization to lose female talent? How can you mitigate turnover risks?

  • Is there a formal mentoring/sponsorship program for women in technical roles in your organization? What are some of the success stories stemming from the program?

  • What experiences do women in technical roles have to share with one another?

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Catalyst will welcome the guests and present research about women in STEM.

Panel Discussion

  • Ms. Mika Agatsuma, VP Cloud Application & Innovation, IBM Japan, Ltd. 
  • Ms. Ryoko Morita, Lead Engineer, Packaging and Specialty Plastics TS&D, Dow Chemical Japan Limited
  • *One more speaker, a male leader from MSD K.K., will join the panel.
  • Tsukiko Tsukahara, Catalyst (Moderator)

Speed Networking Discussion

  • Attendees will pair off to discuss suggested topics together, and then move on to the next person.

  • At the conclusion, attendees will be invited to share discussion insights with the whole group.

Networking Reception

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