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A director is retiring from your corporation’s board: now what?  As a D&I, CSR, communications or talent management leader, is there anything you can do to support the search to fill the empty seat?  As a member of the general counsel’s office are you expected to advise the selection process?  Even if director searches are not in your job description, you might be able to do more than you would expect.

The process of recruiting new candidates for the boardroom can often be extensive and confidential, and many CEOs and nominating committees are now turning to senior leaders for support.  Learn how executives not sitting on the board were able to join the conversation, work with search firms and the board’s nominating committee and bring their perspective on diverse candidates to the search. 

This webinar is ideal for any senior D&I, CSR, HR, communication, or business unit leaders, senior legal counsel, or corporate secretaries looking to develop their relationship with their boards and assist with the search process.

Panelists Include:
Michelle Banks, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Gap Inc.  
Sarah Borg-Olivier, Senior Vice President, InstarAGF
Cecilia McKenney, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Administrative Services, Frontier Communications



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