Is your organization ready to strengthen and diversify your talent pipeline, but unsure where to start? Or, has your organization reached a plateau with your diversity and inclusion initiatives, and is ready to move to the next level?  If you’re considering a list of initiatives that have succeeded at other companies, yet are uncertain which few would be the most effective within yours, understanding your organization’s vital signs can help.

In this members-only webinar, Deborah Campbell, Director and Consultant, Global Member Services, and Emma Sabin, Vice President and Consultant, Global Member Services, discussed and demonstrated the Catalyst Vital Signs tools you can use to identify and read your vital signs, helping you zero in on next steps by first diagnosing your organization’s unique strengths and opportunities to improve. By asking the right questions, evaluating your talent decisions, and effectively interpreting and telling the story of your talent pipeline, a clearer picture of your talent emerges, sparking fundamental insights into the best ways for your organization to move toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Listen to the recording.

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R. Anderson says:
4/12/2014 05:25:22

Looking forward to the webinar

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