Equal pay for work of equal value: it’s a simple concept that remains largely unrealized, despite substantial evidence showing that pay equity is not just the right thing to do—it’s the smart thing to do. But momentum for this basic tenet is growing as organizations take action to tackle the issue and close the gap, and we know that the most recent results in Australia are encouraging.

Join Catalyst and EY Australia on this webinar to learn about an effective practice that is helping to close the gender pay gap. This webinar will be most helpful for managers, HR, D&I professionals, and senior leaders.

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Mercury says:
9/6/2018 05:31:24


As Catalyst supporter company, how to register for this event? Thanks


Olivia B says:
9/7/2018 09:35:09


I am also interested in registering for this event but do not see a link to do so. Please confirm how to register.


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