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On International Women's Day, we celebrate the achievements of women past, present, and future, and work to create a world where girls have the same educational opportunities as boys and women have the same economic and employment opportunities as men. Such a world would not only be fairer; it would be more habitable for us all. We can help create that world simply by opening more doors to women.

This webinar explored the work being done to foster gender equality in the corporate world, from offering women mentoring and sponsorship opportunities to practicing inclusive leadership.


Deepali Bagati, Vice President, Inclusive Leadership Initiative, Catalyst


Intended audience: diversity and inclusion professionals, high-potential men and women, and employee resource group leaders and members.

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Dana says:
3/5/2015 07:05:49

The instructions indicate to register with your corporate email address to ensure approval as a member. I registered a few minutes ago, but I have not received information on whether or not my email registers as a member. I only want to attend if the webinar is free to me. I don't have time to get approval for the $300 fee for a non-member. Since the webinar starts in 4 hours, I hope to hear from someone before it starts. Thank you!

Shikha says:
3/5/2015 07:59:36

Am a research scholar working in Diversity and Inclusion. Would really appreciate if you make these webinars complimentary for academicians like us. That would really contribute to widen our knowledge and give insights for future research.

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