To make a culture more innovative, a workplace needs to allow its employees to feel safe to voice their opinions and concerns and share their ideas. When team members feel this level of ‘psychological safety’, the workplace is has an inclusive culture, and employees feel confident to speak up and make mistakes without fear of being ridiculed or punished.

In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, every employee is responsible for helping to create a fair, safe, and respectful workplace. Positive cultural change can only happen when all employees recognize and interrupt harassing and bullying behaviors, support co-workers, and affirm coworker experiences. Now is the time to dedicate resources to help create a more respectful environment for all.

Come and engage in a solutions-driven dialogue on strategies to create safe and fair workplaces. We will explore power dynamics in the workplace and discuss what power looks like, how it changes behaviors, the psychological consequences, and how we can engender respect and dignity. 

We invite executives, HR leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners, and champions of inclusion from all parts of your business to attend. Most importantly, we need men—who still hold the vast majority of positions of power—to become active champions of workplace inclusion. We highly encourage you to bring along a male colleague!

Registration is complimentary for Catalyst Supporter organizations. Each company may send up to four attendees. Space is limited, so early registration is recommended. 

We'd like to thank in advance the generous support of our local host, Google.

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