Are you attending New York's Advertising Week? If so, check out the "Storytelling in the Age of Equity" an event from Catalyst partner Equity (Equity Project For All)

Join the change-agents, rebels, doers and dreamers, driving for Equity during this high energy, visceral and artistically provocative event. The secret of success in our industry lies in remarkable narratives that emotionally grip audiences and take them on a journey that can be scary, inspiring, humorous, heart-wrenching – but always entertaining.

  • In the last year, the most popular movies were “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wonder Woman”. Each was led by a strong female protagonist, a first in the history of movies. 
  • In the world of advertising, we have seen the power of the Always “Like A Girl” campaign and State Farm’s “Fearless Girl” which set new standards on incorporating gender equality to brand-building. 

What does it take to create a winning ad or a blockbuster hit in the age of #MeToo? Hear from industry luminaries and brand champions in the business of creating originals – video content, advertising and the ideas that just might change our world!

Find out more and register online (required) on the event website

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