Catalyst research finds that inclusive leaders create innovative, dynamic workplaces where employees feel connected to and supportive of one another and diverse groups advance and thrive. Inclusion is linked to employees’ self-reported feelings of innovation and team citizenship, both of which have a profound impact on overall team productivity and product ingenuity.

Catalyst partnered with Shell to have a discussion about what inclusion is, why it is so important to a company’s culture, and how companies and employees perceive and foster inclusive leadership behaviours.


  • Ruth Lovering, EVP Human Resources for P & T, Shell

  • Robert Patterson, EVP, Engineering, Shell

  • Sunita Cherian, Vice President Human Resources, Wipro

  • Zeena Fruitwala, Executive Director Sales, Dell

  • Hemanth Bommanhal, Partner, EY Global Delivery Services


  • Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India


  • Diversity should be the culture.
    Leaders should look at diversifying the team. An organization should look at the talent that comes from various background and places. Diversity should not be only gender specific but all type of diversity should be taken into consideration. Honesty, integrity & respect for other people build and exemplify the diversified work culture.

  • Create a meritorious environment.
    Leaders should select their team members based on merit. Fairness is important.


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