Growing Representation for Women: Listen, Learn and Lead

Gender equality is a central tenet to propelling workplaces and the world to a more inclusive future. We must rethink and redefine old definitions and ways of communicating, bust myths, and create a new vision, which requires:

  • Listening: How we all connect and collaborate across organizations (businesses, NGOs, nonprofits, governments, and society) to amplify and accelerate progress toward gender equality
  • Learning: How we "show up" on gender-related issues with our consumers and stakeholders as well as how we amplify our voices externally
  • Leading: How we drive inclusion and equal representation at all levels, in all professions, and in all walks of life, including the home.

Real progress will be made when we redefine how we address diversity and inclusion and not only implement new initiatives, but work to understand the state of the organizational culture of inclusion.

Catalyst has partnered with Fluor Daniel India Private Limited to host Fluor's annual GROW Conference. Catalyst's Deborah Gillis, President & CEO, and Emily Wakeling, Executive Director, Global Membership, will be among the esteemed panelists. 

Attendance is free but space is limited. Find additional information and registration information on the event website.   

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