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The FT Women at the Top summit returns to lead the debate on how to achieve gender equality at the top level of business in the UK and beyond.

The last few months have been a call-to-action for business on the urgency of addressing gender inequality: the evidence of the gender pay gap as UK companies report their data to the government, the revelations of sexual misconduct at the heart of the establishment, and the growing awareness that structural inequalities in the workplace and society must finally be reversed. All point to one thing: it is time for radical change.

Yet while momentum is building, progress can be achingly slow. At current rates the gender pay gap will take 32 years to close in the UK, and 100 years globally. Women at the top of business and politics around the world are still scarce, and too little is being done to change policies and cultures that drive mid-career women out of the workplace. If the benefits of greater diversity in business are now widely accepted, what is holding company leaders back from implementing more inclusive strategies? How can women and men work together to harness wider societal developments and accelerate progress?

Join us in September to learn about the latest developments on gender diversity in business; hear practical tips and examples from company leaders, including Catalyst's Dnika Travis, Vice President, Research who are driving change from the top; and help us to make gender imbalance in the workplace a thing of the past.

We will discuss:

  • How to close the gender pay gap.
  • Me Too, Time's Up and the backlash.
  • Inclusion beyond women at the top.
  • Living longer: how to plan for a multi-stage career.
  • How to manage money: why aren't women investing?
  • Using AI to make workplaces more inclusive.
  • How to fix bias - whether unconscious or not.

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