For our first in-person event in Sweden, we will explore how corporate culture can unintentionally exclude others and look at what organisations can do to ensure an inclusive workplace for all. Can a shift in focus expand inclusion to its broadest terms, allowing organisations to become both more efficient and perform better? 

Framing the discussion around Catalyst research, including our recent reports Anatomy of Change: How Inclusive Cultures Evolve and the latest instalment of our Global Research series The Promise of Future Leadership: High Potentials in the Pipeline, Feeling Different: Being the "Other", we will examine Catalyst members' best practices for creating sustainable, fully inclusive cultural change, both on a local level and across other cultures and markets.

Join Caroline Pickard, Consultant and Allyson Zimmermann, Senior Director, Catalyst Europe, for an informal and open discussion.

Please RSVP to Caroline Pickard to reserve a place at this event.

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