The 12th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference focuses on the cutting edge issues relating to women’s advancement in the workplace with leaders teaching leaders. Attendees will receive practical tools as you seek new opportunities for you or other women in your organization. The topics are defined by The Conference Board’s Senior Leadership Council on Advancing Women members—issues that are on their minds now.

Catalyst Featured Session: Engaging Men as Inclusive Leaders

Speaker: Elizabeth R. Salib, PhD, Director, Research, Catalyst

Catalyst research shows that the more men know about gender inequalities; the more likely they are to act as advocates and lead efforts to close the gender gap. Studies also show that men benefit from a more balanced workplace but they are too often left out of the conversation. In fact, men are a largely untapped yet critical resource in building diversity and inclusion efforts aimed to create inclusive workplaces. Leading Catalyst research has found that inclusive leaders are the missing link needed to foster dynamic and innovative workplaces in where diverse groups thrive. Inclusive leadership turns the conversation from “us versus them” to “we’re all in this together.” Join this session to learn the groundbreaking Catalyst research behind the qualities of an inclusive leader, and how we can leverage this model to transform workplaces today. 

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