For more than 20 years, The Conference Board's Better Workplace Conference event has been the premier forum for introducing and exploring concrete actions you can take to improve your workplace. This conference is not about who provides the best benefits package or who has the highest employee engagement scores. It’s about sharing experiences and learning from thought leaders and employers who are committed to making better workplaces. You will learn practical strategies to improve how your leaders lead, and to better the experience of your employees and your customers, built on a strong foundation of better wellness for your organization.

Conference themes

After extensive consultation for 2017, we have identified three themes that capture the essentials of what it takes to become a better workplace now and in the future:

  • Better Wellness
  • Better Leaders
  • Better Experience

On Wednesday, October 25, Catalyst's Tanya van Biesen, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada presents alongside Trevor Wilson Author, The Human Equity Advantage: The 8 Leadership Competencies That Drive Organizations Beyond Diversity to Talent Differentiation, and Chief Executive Officer, TWI Inc., on the topic "The Better Workplace is Better for Everyone"

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