Women now head some of the largest corporations in the US, yet women still lag men in advancement, compensation, and leadership. Indeed, the numbers and percentage of women at the highest corporate levels and board positions have remained constant. Women still face challenges in moving to senior positions in corporations. 

At The Conference Board 11th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, learn how women can move effectively to and through the executive levels of their organizations, seeking practical guidance from successful leaders.

Catalyst, a sponsor of The Conference Board event, will lead a session, LGBT Women in the Workplace. Acknowledging a lack of attention paid to the experience of LGBT women in the workplace, this session explores, with attendees, possible solutions designed to fully engage and support this employee community and brainstorm innovative initiatives that could lead to profound change. Panelists include:

♦ Michael J. Chamberlain, Vice President, Marketing, Catalyst

♦ Audrey Gallien, Senior Associate, Events, Catalyst

♦ Alixandra Pollack, Director, Research, Catalyst

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