The annual meeting of the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice’s Expert Community is a unique convening of global leaders who participate in a collaborative learning laboratory to build actionable strategies, shape interventions, and create workplace change globally. Several weeks prior to the event, we will share a more detailed agenda with discussion/thought questions and a list of participants. 

The Center’s Expert Community is an invitation-only working group made up of senior executives from various industries, company sizes, and global regions. Community members help organizations and leaders build inclusive work cultures by implementing and testing interventions, sharing experiences and outcomes, and role modelling effective solutions.

About The Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice

The Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice conducts research distinguishing sound talent management strategies from programmatic fads and documents best practices. These findings enable organizations to strategically create and support inclusive cultures for both women and men. The Center’s partnership with its Expert Community, a consortium of business leaders who contribute to and act on the Center’s work, informs organizational policy and practices, leading to actionable solutions and systemic change.

Please note that this is an invite-only event.

For inquiries about the Expert Community, please contact Julie Nugent, Vice President & Center Leader, Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice at [email protected] or +1 646 388 7745.

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