Currently, the demographics of the labor force span four generations. Technology has changed the work environment and influenced job performance, communication, and office dynamics. For organizations, a multigenerational labor force has important implications related to diverse perspectives, priorities, and work styles. Since age and generation intersect with other dimensions of diversity, including gender, companies that seek to address the needs of a generationally diverse workforce need to take an integrated approach.

Join this panel discussion to hear how your organization can build engagement across generations to create more inclusive workplaces.

This event is complimentary for Catalyst supporters but space is limited—early registration is highly recommended.


Anjali Sharma, Director, PlanSource, Ameriprise India Pvt. Ltd.

Ayan Mukerji, Vice President, Human Resources, Ameriprise India Pvt. Ltd.

Richa Sharma, Vice President, HR, Genpact


Anuja Kumar, Regional Director, Catalyst India WRC

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