“A mentor talks with you. A sponsor talks about you.”
Have you ever wondered what the difference between mentoring and sponsoring is and how mentors and sponsors can help women in their career? Well, here is the short answer: Sponsors are advocates in positions of authority who use their influence intentionally to help others advance, while mentors provide advice, feedback, and coaching. Both are important to advancement as employees navigate the workplace and earn opportunities for growth.
If you want to learn more about how both mentoring and sponsoring work and how women can make the best use of both in order to advance, please join us for our next Catalyst Europe Roundtable. At this event we will discuss Catalyst research which provides an in-depth understanding of both topics. We will also introduce our “Managers as Sponsors” toolkits which can be used to develop sponsorship-related training modules or individual development plans.
Dr. Isabelle Kürschner, Catalyst Europe Ambassador to the Germanic Region, will facilitate the conversation.
We’d like to thank in advance our local host, McDonald's Deutschland Inc. for its generous support.

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griccio says:
4/15/2015 08:45:56

Very interesting topic and quite much forgotten in the daily work by many including myself. How can I participate? Thanks in advance.

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