Unconscious biases: we all have them. They are automatic and efficient mental shortcuts and associations, an integral and universal part of human decision-making and behavior. They stop our brains from getting overloaded in everyday life. They can also have a huge impact on talent management and leadership development within organizations.

In the business world, unconscious bias is now widely seen as a key barrier to creating a more diverse, inclusive and innovative workplace. Therefore, awareness of bias and how to interrupt it needs to be a high priority with companies and leaders who take inclusion and talent management seriously.

Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion moderated by Pascale Marcou, Catalyst Europe Consultant Latin Region, to hear about tools and strategies for individuals, leaders and organizations who want to reduce unconscious bias and build a more inclusive culture. Questions that we will be explore include: 

  • How can we ensure that we don't miss opportunities due to unintentional stereotyping?
  • How can we move from awareness of unconscious bias to implementing and maintaining behavior change?
  • What are the inclusive leadership skills that can be used to combat unconscious bias?
  • What can organizations do to ensure that leaders are committed to identifying and challenging bias in themselves and others? 

This roundtable is complimentary for Catalyst members but space is limited – early registration is highly recommended. We would like to thank our hosts at Pernod Ricard for their generous support.

Please direct any questions to Jessica Dolmer, [email protected].

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