In conjunction with Akzo Nobel, Catalyst hosted a Catalyst Connects panel in Mumbai, India. The session was moderated by Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC. The event brought together high-potential women with speakers considered to be role models in the realm of business.

The event kicked off with a keynote address delivered by Sanatana Hajra, a senior executive from Akzo Nobel India Ltd. During his speech he discussed Akzo Nobel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion for women, acknowledging that although they have made strides there still is a long way to go. Mr. Hajra also touched on how the representation of women in top management positions varies in different industries. In conclusion, he thanked Catalyst for forwarding the mission to advance women in the realm of business.

Following Mr. Hajra’s keynote address, there was a panel discussion that featured Neeta Mukerji, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, GE Capital Services India; Tushima Mukherjee, Senior Manager, Wipro; Ruby Thapar, Director, Corporate Affairs, Dow Chemical, International Pvt. Ltd. The three women shared the challenges and tradeoffs that got them to where they are in their careers, moments of enlightenment along their journey, and the importance of sponsorship.

The panel discussion was concluded with a closing address by Richard Barcock, R&D Program Manager at Akzo Nobel, and followed by a networking session which gave attendees the opportunity to interact.

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