Currently, the demographics of the labor force span four generations. These generations are the Mature/World War II Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y/Millennials. In addition to the many differences among individuals within generational cohorts, organizations must contend with differences between generations, for example in core attitudes toward work. Technology has also changed the work environment and influenced job performance, communication, and office dynamics. A multigenerational labor force has important implications for organizations concerning diverse perspectives, priorities, and work styles. Join Vandana Juneja, Catalyst, and host Cisco for an intimate roundtable discussion on generational diversity including the following topics:

  • Integrated approaches to gender and generational strategies.

  • Data, practices, and participant insights that provide actionable advice on how to incorporate gender and generational strategies within organizations.

  • Action-oriented Catalyst tools for individual employees and their managers.

  • Catalyst Practices created with our global member companies to foster more inclusive work environments.

This event is complimentary to Catalyst members and is designed for leaders of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Women’s Networks, HR and Diversity & Inclusion practitioners and other employees from Catalyst member companies in the Toronto/GTA and surrounding area. Space is limited—register now!

For more details, please contact Joanna Harper at [email protected] or Vandana Juneja, [email protected].

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