Men have a critical role to play in creating inclusive workplaces. Yet too often men are an untapped resource in gender initiatives. Join Vandana Juneja, Membership Manager, Catalyst, and Dentons Canada LLP for an intimate Roundtable discussion based on Catalyst’s Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives research series, featuring evidence-based advice about effective ways to partner with men in addressing gender inequalities at work. Discussion will include:

  • Knowledge and insights from Catalyst research.

  • Data, practices, and participant insights that provide actionable advice on how to engage men in the conversation.

  • Catalyst action-oriented Tools.

  • Catalyst Practices created with our global member companies.

  • Practical solutions and actions men can take as male champions of gender inclusion.

This event is complimentary to Catalyst Members and is designed to bring together male champions, leaders of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Women’s networks, HR and Diversity & Inclusion practitioners and other interested individuals from Catalyst member organizations in Toronto and surrounding area to participate in an open and informative conversation.

For more details, please contact Joanna Harper at [email protected].

Hosted by Dentons LLP

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