Hosted by HP Japan Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise K.K.

An inclusive workplace—where diverse employees feel they belong in their teams, believe in their mission, and can thrive and contribute with their uniqueness—can drive team citizenship and employee innovation.

Inclusive leadership, which helps create an inclusive workplace, is not only for top management. Each of you can make an impact on teams at your workplace with your inclusive leadership.

In this Catalyst event, participants will get insights from the guest speakers who model inclusive leadership and will learn how to develop a practical action plan based on Catalyst research insights and tips.



  • Shunichi KUSHIMA, Director and Country Category Manager, Personal Systems and Services & Solutions, HP Japan Inc.

Panel Discussion

  • Yasuteru TANAKA, Director and General Manager, Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise K.K.

  • Tomoka MIHO, Director and Assistant General Counsel, Legal Department, Deutsche Bank Group Japan

  • Shota MIYAZAKI, Government Affairs and Regional Revitalization Manager Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Toshikazu MUKAIHARA, General Manager, Photonic Devices Department Telecommunication & Energy Laboratories, R&D Division, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

  • Tsukiko TSUKAHARA (Moderator), Advisor to Catalyst

Small Group Discussion

  • Participants will discuss several suggested topics by small group.

  • Key discussion points at each group will be shared within the whole room for everyone’s takeaways.

Networking Reception

For more information, please contact Tsuki Tsukahara at [email protected].

* This event will be mainly in Japanese and official translation service will NOT be provided.

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