Did you know that recommending others for important roles and willingly staking your reputation on the ability of others to succeed helps advance your own career? Successful managers and leaders create a win-win investment by sponsoring others for new opportunities and demonstrating that they can recognise and nurture talent. 

For many employees—and women especially—it takes more than meeting expectations to get noticed in today’s workplace. Women who work hard and play by the rules are often overlooked when it comes to the plum assignments and big promotions that are necessary to advance to senior leadership. Effective sponsorship, which gets protégés noticed by senior-level executives, is essential to attaining top jobs. 

In this Catalyst Europe Roundtable to mark International Women’s Day, we will discuss our research on sponsorship and mentoring, and explore many of our easily accessible tools, which can be used to develop sponsorship-related training modules and individual career plans. Attendees will have the chance to exchange and develop their own practices with other Catalyst members, and a networking lunch will be provided to continue the conversation. Caroline Pickard, Catalyst Europe Ambassador, will facilitate the dialogue.

We would like to thank the generous support of our host, ING, for making this event possible.

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