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Building on previous years’ successful summits, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan's Women in Business Committee is focusing this year's Summit on the challenges of organizational change.

The Summit will take a practical approach, focusing on targeted breakout sessions and workshops designed to deliver global best practices that participants will be able to instantly apply in their careers.

Our own Emily Wakeling will present an afternoon panel: "Inclusive Leadership: Getting more from diversity." Here is the description of the panel:

​​Without buy in and support at all levels of an organization, diversity initiatives and programs are not likely to succeed. While leaders have long recognized that having a diverse workforce is imperative to maintain a competitive edge in business, it is not always clear to them what needs to be done to create an inclusive workplace, in which, according to Catalyst’s definition of inclusion, employees perceive both belongingness and uniqueness at the same time. How can inclusion be utilized to fully leverage the talents of a diverse workforce, and what can leaders do to lead with inclusion? In this panel, Emily Wakeling will present Catalyst’s most recent Japan-specific research on leadership, including key leadership attributes, and will lead a discussion among panel members on how companies can “break the mold” by developing inclusive leadership from within, even where there is resistance to change from some leaders.

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