The 2008 Catalyst Awards Conference, sponsored by Cadillac, was held April 9, 2008 at The Waldorf Astoria in New York. Speakers included the CEOs of ING U.S. Financial Services (USFS) and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., whose initiatives won the 2008 Catalyst Award.

At the Conference, spoke with the CEOs of ING USFS and Nissan, as well as Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman and CEO of DuPont, and Chair of the Catalyst Board of Directors. There were visual artists who conceptualized all of the 2008 Award winning-initiatives while the conference was in session.

At the luncheon, keynote speaker Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo, Inc., discussed women's leadership with Catalyst President & Chief Executive Officer Ilene H. Lang. Some of the topics discussed included the importance of mentorship and sponsorship, work-life balance and the significance of employee engagement.

In the afternoon, panelists discussed forthcoming Catalyst research: men as champions of women's advancement; race and gender as a double barrier for women of color; and generational differences in the workplace.

Women of Color and Intersectionality: Overcoming Challenges to Forming Relationships at Work
Women of color, as double minorities, face challenges that white women and men of color do not. In this session, panelists will discuss intersectionality—how different identities interact with one another and inform personal and professional identities, encounters, and expectations about privilege and disadvantage in the workplace. Building on Catalyst research on women of color and speakers’ insights, audience members will deepen their understanding of how workplace interactions impact women of color and develop new approaches for building constructive work relationships.

Katherine Giscombe, Ph.D., Vice President, Women of Color Research, Catalyst

Donna Maria Blancero, Vice President, Research Division, National Society of Hispanic MBAs
Yvette Burton, Ph.D., Business Development Executive, GLBT and Human Capital Management Segments, IBM Global Services
Diana Lee, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, MTV Networks and Nickelodeon Kids & FamilyGroup

Meeting at the Generational Crossroads: Busting Myths and Exploring Realities
Baby Boomers are irreplaceable. Gen Xers are disengaged. Gen Y employees are impetuous. Enough with the assumptions— it’s time to shift the discussion on generational issues in the workplace. In this session, we will engage a panel of corporate experts in an interactive dialogue about breaking through generational challenges and highlight innovative research on global talent management from Catalyst and the Families and Work Institute. Audience members will also exchange ideas with speakers from diverse industry sectors about how to tackle generational stereotypes and create inclusive workplaces.

Nancy Carter, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Catalyst
Ellen Galinsky, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder, Families and Work Institute
Laura Sabattini, Ph.D., Director, Research, Catalyst
Anika Warren, Ph.D., Director, Research, Catalyst

Julie Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Winning with Women/WOLF, Learning & Innovation, Best Buy
Darlene MacKinnon, Director, Leader Capacity Global Diversity & Inclusion, The Dow Chemical Company
Ron Parker, Chief Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer, PepsiCo North America
Melinda Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Executive Talent & Chief Diversity Officer, American Express Company

Including Men in Gender Equity: Techniques for Successfully Engaging Men as Diversity and Inclusion Champions
Because of trends such as increasing globalization and fierce competition for talent, many organizations now realize that their future success depends on their ability to leverage women’s talent as well as men’s. However, organizations may have overlooked a critical success factor in their attempts to become more gender inclusive. Initiatives to develop female talent in many organizations have failed to engage a critical constituency—men. In this informal session, attendees will learn from emerging Catalyst research and a panel of distinguished male experts about barriers to men’s engagement in gender diversity initiatives. Attendees will also glean effective strategies for engaging men as champions of gender diversity.

Jeanine Prime, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research, Catalyst

Michael Kimmel, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Sociology, Stony Brook University
Michael Welp, Ph.D., Partner, White Men As Full Diversity Partners LLC

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