Understanding the World of Work

Research drives all that we do at Catalyst. Whether it’s measuring or diagnosing talent management gaps or identifying the best strategies that organizations and individual business leaders can use to access and leverage the best talent, Catalyst relies on fact-based, scientific methods—including longitudinal panels and large-scale field studies—to find the answers. It’s why Catalyst is the most-trusted resource for knowledge on gender, leadership, and inclusive talent management in the business. And it’s why over 700 Catalyst member organizations rely on our comprehensive on-the-ground knowledge of the workplace landscape to identify where problems exist and how they can drive the changes to solve them.

Catalyst organizaes and conducts this research within four Research Centers. 

  • Corporate Practice
  • Equity in Business Leadership
  • Advancing Leader Effectiveness
  • Career Pathways

Learn more about each of the Catalyst Research Centers and visit our Knowledge Center to start making change at your organization.