Jennifer Kohler, Director and Consultant, Global Member Services, and Candice Morgan, Director and Consultant, Global Member Services, present Vital Signs, a recently released toolkit to help Catalyst members diagnose their organization’s diversity and inclusion "health” and set them on the path to accelerating their progress. By providing tools, expert insights, and opportunities to connect with others, Vital Signs will elevate the understanding of the workforce and talent decisions that support business case development, diversity reporting, goal planning, and overall talent management. This complimentary event is open to individuals from Catalyst member organizations only.

Listen to the recording.

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Stacy Greenfield says:
2/12/2013 05:45:09

I would like to attend.

JenniferKohler's picture
JenniferKohler says:
2/13/2013 04:28:54

We look forward to having you on the webinar! For all interested, just use the "Register Now" link above (ensuring you are logged in/registered on our website first). Thanks!

britt.kowalski says:
2/21/2013 10:48:42

Hi Jennifer. I did not realize that I needed to update my profile with the new launch of the website and as such, did not get registered in time for this webinar. Will the webinar be recorded and available for me to listen to at a later date?

ola ehinmoro's picture
ola ehinmoro says:
2/21/2013 11:53:34

Hello Jennifer,

I missed the webinar and was wondering if it was recorded

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