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Yesterday’s 9-to-5 office culture is rapidly becoming obsolete. Telecommuting, remote work, and other flexible modes of working are all on the rise. Yet many organizations are still reluctant to embrace this flexibility—and in order to garner widespread support, it’s critical for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to understand its benefits fully.

During this webinar Amelia Costigan, Director, Information Center, Catalyst, Emily Cohen, Senior Associate, Information Center, Catalyst, Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of, and 1 Million for Work Flexibility, and Emma Plumb, Director of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, discussed the various types of flex options available, the latest trends in flexible work, and how employers and employees can negotiate flexible workplace policies that work for everyone.

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katecrossman says:
10/14/2015 09:55:51

I will not be able to make the webinar. Will this be recorded to view at a later time?

AudreyGallien's picture
AudreyGallien says:
10/14/2015 12:25:48

Thank you for your inquiry. The recording will be available on this web-page at the conclusion of the webinar. You are also welcome to the register for the webinar to receive the recording via email.

Harry Kennedy says:
10/14/2015 04:47:49

I will be unable to view the webinar. Wondering if it will be recorded to view at a later time?

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