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Malgré le fait qu’une multitude d’études, au cours des dix dernières années, aient clairement démontré la rentabilité de la diversité, un grand nombre d’entreprises ont encore du mal à en saisir les avantages tangibles. Dans ce webinaire, nous passerons en revue les quatre axes du dossier d’analyse de la diversité, les obstacles systémiques qui peuvent nuire à l’avancement des femmes et les pratiques gagnantes reconnues pour relever ces défis.

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Janet Henstock says:
2/6/2015 01:48:28

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion has developed a toolkit "Locking in your leadership - developing the ironclad business cased for D&I". I will be interested in comparing the Catalyst approach to a D&I business case.

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vjuneja says:
8/13/2015 05:51:14

Hi Janet, thanks for your comment! We look forward to having you join us for this webinar. Catalyst does offer a broad range of resources on our approach to a D&I business case. In addition to the webinar, you may also be interested in checking out a few of these existing resources, among others:

- Catalyst Tool: Why Diversity Matters -

- Catalyst Tool: First Step: The Link Between Collective Intelligence & Diversity -

- Catalyst Real Solutions Consulting Workshop: Build Your Company's Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion -

We also offer resources that can be useful for our global members - for example:

- Catalyst Infographic: The Case for Gender Diversity in Japan -

Our team is happy to connect with you directly to learn more about your organization and talk about how we may support you in building your business case for D&I. Please feel free to reach out directly: [email protected].



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