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Jeff Barth, Director, Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), Catalyst, and Michael Welp, Co-Founder of WMFDP, led a conversation with Lockheed Martin about the company’s Catalyst Award-winning efforts to engage men in gender diversity. 

Lockheed’s U.S.-based initiative, Women Accelerating Tomorrow, draws on a variety of programs, processes, and tools to support women’s advancement as part of a broad strategic effort to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent in a highly technical and engineering-focused industry. The effectiveness of engaging leaders, with men as a high priority, has been established through inclusion workshops and experiential learning, including the Effective Leadership of Inclusive Teams (ELOIT) labs and summits. 

The first installment of this webinar explored components of this groundbreaking initiative and introduced tailored solutions for bringing men to the forefront of diversity and inclusion strategies. The follow-up conversation focused on addressing unanswered audience questions and exploring key strategies of the ELOIT initiative, as well as examining Catalyst research and WMFDP’s expertise on sustaining workplace inclusion.

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