Leading industry research from the Catalyst and Anita Borg Institute tells a clear story about women technologists in today’s workplace. We know that women technologists leave their jobs at twice the rate of men, creating special challenges for technology companies looking to create diverse teams. We also know that men are a largely untapped yet critical resource in diversity and inclusion efforts aimed at eliminating gender bias. Inclusive leaders are the missing link needed to foster dynamic and innovative workplaces in which diverse groups thrive.

Join Deborah Campbell, Senior Director and Consultant, Catalyst, and Elizabeth Ames, VP Strategic Marketing and Alliances, Anita Borg Institute, and other top experts for a discussion of Catalyst’s research on inclusive leadership and engaging men and the Anita Borg Institute’s research on and recommendations for helping organizations to retain and advance high-performing women technologists.

This event is exclusively open for Catalyst member companies. Catalyst requests that participating organizations send at least two male representatives at the mid-manager level and above. You are invited to register up to four participants. Space is limited; please RSVP by September 16.

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