Organizations of all types are interested in innovation. Yet few realize that advancing a culture of inclusion can have a direct impact on the ability to innovate. Cutting-edge research from Catalyst shows that the more inclusive we are, the more innovative we can be. Inclusive leaders create psychological safety on their teams by demonstrating behaviors such as empowerment, accountability, courage and humility. This sense of safety is important for a learning environment and a critical driver of innovation.

In this webinar Catalyst's Tolonda M. Tolbert, PhD, Senior Director, Inclusive Leadership Initiative, spoke with Sarah Staley from Harvard University's Center for Workplace Development about how a top Ive League University plans to use inclusion to cultivate innovation among staff. 

In this session we:

  • Shared Catalyst's leading research on how inclusive work cultures can increase employee citizenship and unlock innovation.
  • Heard how the number one top Ivy League University is training its staff members on inclusion in order to advance innovation goals.
  • Learned about the Leading With Inclusion suite based on Catalyst research.


  • Samira Abdul-Karim, BlessingWhite (Facilitator)
  • Sarah Staley, Harvard University's Center for Workplace Development
  • Tolonda M. Tolbert, PhD, Senior Director, Inclusive Leadership Initiative, Catalyst 

Listen to the webinar recording at our convenience. 

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