Mentoring—Necessary But Insufficient for Advancement 
How to Use Sponsorship for Real Progress 

Have you identified the difference between a coach, mentor, and sponsor in your career? Catalyst research has found that while mentoring is essential to leadership development, it is not enough to help women advance. Recent research has pointed to a more influential and specific professional relationship: sponsorship. Join Lauren Pasquarella Daley, PhD, Fact Checking Specialist, Catalyst, to learn how sponsorship:

  • Is key to advancing high performers and gives them greater opportunities to excel through skill development and increased visibility
  • Acts as a differentiator at the top and a means to overcoming barriers for women
  • Provides valuable benefits to sponsors, including feedback, enhanced skills, increased knowledge of company needs and opportunities
  • Provides direct and indirect benefits to organizations, including better leaders and teams, and increased organizational commitment

In this session you'll learn what it takes to implement sponsorship programming in your organization, and what it takes to be a successful sponsor yourself. This event is part of the Global Women's Leadership SummitRegister today.

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