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Catalyst research has found that while mentoring is essential to leadership development, it is not enough, on its own, to help women advance. Our studies point to a more influential professional relationship: sponsorship.

Sponsorship can help combat three key barriers to women’s advancement: exclusion from informal networks, lack of role models, and gender stereotypes. It can result in a triple win, benefitting not just the protégé but also the sponsor and his or her organization.

Our Catalyst Europe Live Q&A: Sponsorship 2.0 webinar featured a conversation about sponsorship in action with two experts on this topic: Christiane Bisanzio, Group Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Head of Human Resources for the Northern, Central and Eastern European Region, AXA, and Eileen Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Bank UK Ltd. Ms. Bisanzio and Ms. Taylor had an unscripted dialogue about sponsorship and the impact it can have on careers.

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