Men have a critical role to play in creating more inclusive workplaces. Since men form the current majority of leaders, they are in a prime position to influence cultural and organisational change.

Catalyst research shows that the more men know about gender inequalities, the more likely they are to act as advocates and lead efforts to close the gender gap. Studies also show that men benefit from a more balanced workplace but they are too often left out of the conversation.

Join regional members for a candid conversation about engaging men in inclusion and diversity initiatives. Participants will have the opportunity to explore questions such as:

  • Why are men such important stakeholders in gender equality in the workplace?
  • What solutions and practices ensure that men are brought into the conversation?
  • How can men champion diverse and inclusive workplaces?
  • Share solutions for organizations and individuals interested in engaging men in gender initiatives.

This event is open to both men and women. Female participants are asked to bring a male colleague.

We’d like to thank in advance our host, Cargill for their generous support.

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