What can men do to support female colleagues and to enhance the culture of diversity? Men have a critical role to play in creating inclusive workplaces, yet too often men are an untapped resource in gender initiatives. How can companies support men as they step up to the challenge of creating inclusive leadership?

Please join IBM and Catalyst as we explore these important questions with a panel of executives representing different industries moderated by Deborah Gillis, COO, Catalyst.

You will learn that:

  • Recognition of imbedded bias is paramount.

  • Engaging men is critical.

  • Being an ambassador of change by being a role model can provide significant influence for change.

  • There is hard work that has already been done and there are best practices to share.

This event is open to employees of Catalyst member organizations. We encourage you to invite a male leader from your organization that is already or can be a champion of the culture of inclusivity. RSVP to Cassie Dennis at [email protected].

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