Although many companies have implemented policies and structures to help women advance, it is still difficult for women to reach executive-level positions and the front lines of sales and services.

Mentorship and other programs have also been put in place for women, but they too have not been able to increase the number of women in senior roles.

At this event, leaders from various industries will join a panel discussion to share the challenges their companies are facing, along with actions and solutions they are pursuing.

We will also conduct two breakout sessions where participants will gain insights from Catalyst’s global expertise on the session topic of their choice.

When registering for this event, please choose one of the breakout sessions below to let us know your interest. (Please note that depending on the availability of space, you may not be assigned to your first choice.)

  1. Take Charge of Your Career
    • Assess your profile and various perception gaps to develop a strategic plan to accelerate your career.
  1. The Roles and Actions of a Mentor and Sponsor
    • Understand the differences in role and behavior between mentors and sponsors. Discuss issues and tips that individuals and companies need to consider in order to create a win-win opportunity.
    • Discuss how individuals can pay it forward by mentoring and sponsoring others.

Your group will be announced at the event venue. You will have an opportunity to learn about the other group at the event. After the event, we will also send you a discussion summary.

This event is intended for women aiming to become senior leaders, leaders who are supporting these women to become future leaders, D&I practitioners, as well as employees of Catalyst supporter organizations and potential supporter companies who are interested in practical solutions to combat challenges to women’s advancement.   

Hosted by Walmart Japan 

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